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VMGO and Philosophy


Prosperous society through skill development to employment.


Holding the majority of prospective market share in skill development and employment sector.


  • To develop the world class Polytechnic School in own building
  • To establish brand among national and international entity


  • To offer quality technical training programs
  • To offer quality technical training programs
  • To provide instructors who have extensive industry experience
  • To provide shops that will simulate the workplace
  • To provide up-to-date tools and equipment for students to practice with
  • To work closely with business and industry to establish and update curricula
  • To provide educational training in work readiness skills, such as work habits and attitude
  • To assist the students with the development of an "on-the-job" internship to help with school to work transition
  • To provide the trainee with job search skills and assistance with job placement
  • To make the coordination between graduates and employer


Total client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our service philosophy. The basic philosophy that revolves around our work culture and all business operations is our belief in the ability of people.